The legend continues: BFGoodrich® Tires Places Nine of Top 10 at SCORE Baja 500


For now more than four decades of desert racing, BFGoodrich tires has provided its support for the widest range of classes in SCORE Baja 500 in Mexico, ON June 5, 2017. Facing an increasingly strong field and only three of the top eight starting positions, drivers on BFGoodrich® Tires stormed through race traffic, and the 513-mile technical, rough course at 2017 SCORE Baja 500 to capture nine of the top 10 overall finishers, continuing the legend.

“We saw some heroic performances at this race as several racers were handicapped by difficult starting positions,” said Chris Baker, motorsports director, BFGoodrich Tires North America. “We are overall quite pleased with the performance of the 40-inch Baja T/A® KR3 race tire, which was adopted by most of our Trophy Truck partners. This turned out to be a tough race course, with technical sections, some brutal, which made passing difficult, but that’s racing and you take the good with the bad or you don’t play. I think the KR3 has now set the bar for endurance desert racing when you look at recent finishing results and has continued the proud legacy BFGoodrich Tires has in this discipline.”

Find attached more details about the race and the results of the main racers, armed with BFGoodrich Tires Baja T/A®KR3 tires, among them : Bryce Menzies, Justin Matney Rob MacCachren or Luke McMillin… The SCORE Baja 500 title has eluded the tire maker the past two years but BFGoodrich still owns 88 overall wins in Baja desert racing and 31 SCORE Baja 500 overall wins, by far the most by any tire manufacturer.

Official Results (Top 10 finishers)

Teams on BFGoodrich Tires in bold

  1. Andy McMillin (Trophy Truck)                       10:03:03
  2. Justin Matney(Trophy Truck)                      10:06:35
  3. Rob MacCachren (Trophy Truck)                10:06:44
  4. Luke McMillin (Trophy Truck)                     10:21:03
  5. Carlos Apdaly Lopez (Trophy Truck)          10:28:19
  6. Larry Connor (Trophy Truck)                      10:28:59
  7. Armin Schwarz (Trophy Truck)                   10:29:31
  8. Larry Roeseler (Trophy Truck)                    10:33:06
  9. Cameron Steele  (Trophy Truck)                 10:36:53
  10. Chris Kemp (Trophy Truck)                        10:49:58

Overall Class Wins

Trophy Truck Legends Larry Roeseler  Baja T/A KR3   

Class 1                         Brian Wilson                Baja T/A KDR2-S/KDR2-M

Trophy Truck Spec                   Elias Hanna                  Baja T/A KR3

Class 10                                   Broc Dickerson            Baja T/A KR

Class 8                         Ricky Sanchez Baja T/A KR2

Class 7                         Dallas Luttrell               Baja T/A KR2

Class 7SX                                Alonso Gonzalez          Baja T/A KR

UTV pro                                   JT Holmes                    Baja T/A KR2

Baja Challenge             Marco Gonzalez           Mud-Terrain KM3

Class 11                                   Pancho Bio                  All-Terrain T/ A KO2

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